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My family and I live in Dubai

This is how I always reply, when people ask. It is rare to use the formal name of this country, The United Arab Emirates. It seems long and difficult to pronounce. A bit formal, too. And everybody knows the city of Dubai, but not necessarily the country of The United Arab Emirates. That does not […]

The Best Dining Spots in Dubai

The best holidays are those, where you eat meals that are truly extraordinary. At least if you ask me – a keen eater, munching away at any occasion, big or small. And I do believe that I am not alone with this assertion, as one of the most common questions, I get asked, is about […]

Gold and Diamonds in Dubai

People often ask me, what is the most interesting thing to buy, when in Dubai? And I respond – every single time – with a little twinkle in my eye: Gold and diamonds! It probably sounds like the mother of all clichés – and I do think that the majority of us are firm believers […]

Beat the Heat

It is no secret that the summer months of June, July and August are really hot in the desert. Nothing can prepare you for how the 40-45 degrees will feel, before you exit the airport and meet the infamous “Wall of Heat”. Perhaps you’ve been to Spain or Turkey during the summer, where temperatures easily […]

Ramadan Mubarak!

This weekend marks the commencement of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Here in the United Arab Emirates, Muslims are celebrating the Holy Month by fasting from sunrise to sunset. But Ramadan is so much more than fasting for 30 days. It is also a time for mental cleansing, where Muslims pray for […]


In Arabic, you welcome guests by greeting them with Marhaba or Ahlan. Marhaba is also the name of the most efficient arrival service you can get at Dubai Airport. There are a number of companies offering this type of assistance, but I personally recommend that you use Marhaba, as I have surely tried and tested […]

How to dress in Dubai

“So – how is it with Dubai – do you have to carry a head scarf and that long, black dress all the time or what?” This is a very typical preliminary question that I get, whenever someone hears that I live in Dubai with my family. And with that one introductory question, I can […]

Welcome onboard!

Welcome to the blog here at Scandinavian Sun, where I will provide you with real insider knowledge on Dubai to ensure that you will have the best holiday ever. My name is Tine Kaalund – and I am a Dane living in Dubai with my husband and two daughters. I hold an MA in Spanish […]