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In Arabic, you welcome guests by greeting them with Marhaba or Ahlan.

Marhaba is also the name of the most efficient arrival service you can get at Dubai Airport. There are a number of companies offering this type of assistance, but I personally recommend that you use Marhaba, as I have surely tried and tested their incredible patience and level of service when traveling alone with two small kids in tow!

By booking Marhaba Meet & Greet Services prior to your trip, you remove yourself completely from the stress of arriving in a large airport. It’s an amazing service that will get you through the airport and out to your hotel or holiday apartment really fast.

From the moment you touch ground and enter the airport building, you will be escorted either by foot or in a golf buggy (where ever this is permitted and possible) by a friendly and professional Marhaba team member, who will do the utmost to ensure that you exit the airport on record time.

With Marhaba you will skip all waiting lines for immigration and security – and a Marhaba team member will collect all your items of luggage and shuttle them safely out to the taxis waiting to take you into the city.

Arabs have absolutely no issue with fast-tracks and exclusive service add-ons for those, who chose to pay for this – in fact, it’s a really fun and exciting cultural note to begin your holiday in Dubai on, as queueing and hauling suitcases never made anyone happy in the first place.

You can count on the employees of Marhaba to take care of your paperwork and luggage, so you can focus on getting into the holiday spirit. One of the wonderful things about Dubai is that no one will steal your passport or your belongings, so leave all of this in the hands of trusted professionals. Safety and security at Dubai Airport is second to none – and as a first-time visitor, I can only say that you need not worry for a minute!

But back to the topic – Marhaba Airport Services. There is a variety of options to chose from. The most popular ones are Silver and Family.

If you chose the Silver service, you may be escorted through fast track immigration and security alongside a few other travellers – but this is not always the case. Most often it will just be you and the Marhaba employee getting through the airport together. The Silver package is an affordable and effective option for couples or single travellers who want to avoid standing in long lines wasting their precious holiday time.

The Family Service is the choice for you, if you travel with children, with elderly family members or perhaps in a group of young people. This is all about getting your little ones (or older ones!) as quickly and safely through the airport in the shortest time span possible. You will get a baby stroller (or two!) for the youngest member(s) of your family – and you can have elderly family members escorted out in comfortable wheel chairs. Marhaba also offers golf buggy transportation to families in all the permitted areas of the airport.

You can book your arrival services right here:

Clever, right?

You’ll hardly touch ground before you feel the splendid rays of the Dubai sun.

Warm greetings from Tine