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Welcome onboard!

Welcome to the blog here at Scandinavian Sun, where I will provide you with real insider knowledge on Dubai to ensure that you will have the best holiday ever.

My name is Tine Kaalund – and I am a Dane living in Dubai with my husband and two daughters.

I hold an MA in Spanish and Communication – and I spend my days working as a teacher, blogger and writer here.

Like so many people, I have always longed for adventure and dreamed of living abroad. Not that there was anything wrong with living in good old Denmark, but – in all honesty – there is nothing quite like the experience of seeing how life unfolds itself in different ways in different places.

Four years ago, my husband was offered a work opportunity here in Dubai – and it took me about a split second to say yes. I was painfully aware that the Middle East didn’t necessarily have the best reputation in the World, but I also knew that Dubai and the United Arab Emirates offer you a unique and completely modern Arabic lifestyle far from the stereotypical, negative image so frequently presented in the media. And who wouldn’t want to try that?

Dubai really and truly is a magical place made of an indeterminable Arabic dream essence that you won’t find anywhere else in the Middle East. Negative presumptions or stereotypes will quickly be turned down – not just for us, who live here for years, but for anyone who comes here. It’s not only the wonderful warm climate that greets you – it’s also the heart-warming hospitality of the Arabs, which makes this city such an enjoyable and safe playground to enjoy – adults and children alike.

Read much more about Dubai right here on this blog. I will tell you why this is the place to be – what to do here while on holiday – and how to make the most of your time in the sun.

Stay tuned!

Greetings from Dubai, Tine